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The DayDreamers

Media enthusiasts producing podcasts, informative articles and so much more while covering topics from fantasy football to pop culture and beyond.  Stay Dreamin'!
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Jacob “JJ” Johnson is a co-founder and co-creator of DayDreamer Media. Along with his crucial role in developing the brand, JJ is the perceptively engaging host of the Fantasy DayDreamers Podcast, the inaugural audio show in the Daydreamers Podcast Network. Apart from his time providing in-depth analysis on the fantasy football landscape, JJ enjoys watching his favorite baseball player Will Myers and spending time with his adorable cat, Dandelion.

Jacob Johnson

Podcast Host

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Ryan “Wylin” Williams is the man with such hot takes that sometimes he doesn’t even know if he believes them. Ryan is a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan and an even bigger fantasy football player. When Ryan isn’t talking about, playing or thinking about fantasy football, he is a loving father to his son, Kam. Nothing has brought Ryan more joy in his life than the addition of his son to his family. Expect Ryan to bring his best to the podcast every time he steps in front of the mic, along with everything else he does for the Fantasy Daydreamers podcast.

Ryan Williams

Podcast Talent

Keoni Bio.jpg

Keoni Eichholtz is an Editor and Podcast Personality for DayDreamer Media. In 2020, Keoni graduated from CSU Los Angeles with a degree in Television Film and Media with an emphasis in Writing. When he isn’t writing articles for DayDreamer or appearing on the Fantasy DayDreamers podcast, you can find him crafting the perfect donut, waxing poetic about obscure movies, or emulating the George Costanza hairstyle.

Keoni Eichholtz

Editor in Chief

Aaron Bio.jpg

The only true way to describe Aaron and his relationship with sports is encyclopedic. Born and raised in San Diego, Aaron moved to Bakersfield to earn his degree in Psychology and shortly after moved back to San Diego to put his knowledge to work. In Aaron’s spare time he can be found watching every sport under the sun, making Aaron the perfect analyst and staff writer here at DayDreamer Media. The articles you see on a weekly basis from Aaron are just a fraction of what he has been able to do here.

Aaron Clanton

Head Writer

Ian Bio.jpg

Large and in charge…of producing the podcast. Raised in San Diego, Ian showed a bright future from a young age, graduating from San Diego State with a bachelors degree in Psychology. He spends his spare time, offering the spare hours he has helping out the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego. Besides working with kids, his true passions are being a fantasy football analyst, writer, and podcast producer here at DayDreamer Media. He puts in extensive work behind the scenes to ensure everything is up and running, as well as finding the middle ground in the writer’s room. 

Ian Sage


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