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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Sit Him

One of the biggest surprises and frankly disappointments this season has been the performance of the Philadelphia Eagles tight end, Zach Ertz. I know their whole team has not been very good, but he was supposed to be one of the brightest gems on this team. In previous years, he has acted as a lighthouse, shining its bright light in order to guide others despite the fog and darkness around him. However, this season, his light has become dim and broken, allowing the darkness to shroud his once great ability.

He has had only one game over ten fantasy points this season and has had a single touchdown so far and that came in game one. The past two weeks, he has not gone over ten yards and has a total of five catches in those two games. It is becoming more and more clear that Ertz needs other players around him to break through in the passing games and that just isn’t there for the Eagles right now.

With Goedert out on injured reserve, he has lost his wonder twin, and it shows that they are better united. DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery are also both out for the time being, so he is getting very little help in terms of spreading out a defense. Any other receiver on the team has used this to provide themselves with a nice game such as Travis Fulgham this past week.

Ertz is just not getting it done in any shape or form, so I cannot suggest starting him against a tough Baltimore Ravens defense. Even though the Ravens defense is ranked 22nd against tight ends this year, I expect them to disrupt Ertz as much as the bird does the main character from Edgar Allen Poe’s famous story.

Never more, never more shall I play Zach Ertz,

until he puts up a consistently good score.

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