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Courtland Sutton

Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys

Things have been going well as of the past few weeks with these picks, so you could say we're “on fire” to quote a certain tabletop game involving ping pong balls and adult beverages. When I relayed this information to Maurice, he took it a bit too literally but I was able to calm him down. However, he packed his things and left saying he needed to “follow his bliss.” I think he's been watching a lot of Instagram influencers and Tik-Tok van life videos because when I called to ask where he was going, he said “wherever the road takes me.” Upon tracking his phone, I was able to surmise a general direction of where he was headed but when he drunkenly called me at 3 in the morning about no one being at the Sundance Film festival, I knew he was in Colorado. I should have known that's where he was headed because he’s at a point where he has been going through a pretentious artsy phase that involves going through Robert Redford's entire film catalog. After explaining to him that Sundance happens at the start of the year, which apparently is somehow my fault according to him, I also got an earful about how it was too cold, there wasn’t enough air and that the state was too boxy, whatever that means; please do not tell him about Wyoming. After complaining about those things in between his overly exaggerated deep breaths, because again he can be petty, he somehow turned that entire experience into a frustration with the Denver Broncos. Because of this, he told me that we should be sitting Courtland Sutton this week, so that's why Courtland Sutton is the sit player of the week. In case you need more, here is some actual information to back that up.

During the season, Courtland Sutton has had five games under ten fantasy points depending on your scoring system. The most prevalent of those games are the ones that Jerry Jeudy played which were the first and most recent game. In those games, Courtland Sutton had one reception on three targets for 14 yards against a bottom 10 New York Giants defense, and in the most recent game with Jeudy coming back, he had two catches on four targets for 40 yards against a terrible Washington football defense. In neither of those games did he have a touchdown. Courtland Sutton’s window for getting 8+ targets a game has probably seen its heyday. This is not me saying that won't happen again, however, it will be a rarity compared to what it was without Jerry Jeudy. They also face a Dallas Cowboys defense that has been vastly improved from previous years with Trevon Diggs probably being the one who covers him. Although Diggs has been involved in plays that go for touchdowns, the Cowboys defense will prove a problem for Teddy Bridgewater and the Denver Broncos, who have been struggling against good teams; the Cowboys are a very good team. Therefore, because of the reintroduction of Jerry Jeudy and the Broncos being stymied by good teams, Courtland Sutton is my sit player of the week for week 9.

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