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Myles Gaskin, RB

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

Those who make the NFL schedule must hate the Dolphins. Everyone before the season had the Bills as one of the favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, and the people who decided the schedule chose to serve the Dolphins up on a silver platter. In a game that is already lopsided by talent, the Dolphins must also go into Buffalo the week after the Bills had their bye. This is merely a warm up game for the Bills to transition back into playing football for the next 10 weeks. It is the NFL equivalent of a WWE squash match, where 1 wrestler comes in to just get eviscerated, fill space in the broadcast and make the other person look strong. All of this is coming with some drama from the Dolphins organization which has seen starting QB Tua Tagovailoa be the focus of some trade rumors to which he has responded, “I don't not feel wanted.”

The last time the Bills and the Dolphins met was in a far away time known as week 2 when the Bills casually laid 35 points on the Dolphins and allowed precisely 0 points in the process. In that game, Gaskin was also nowhere to be found and ended with a measly 8 points after 60 minutes of effort. Gaskin has been disappointing this year with 0 games over 100 scrimmage yards and has yet to run it in for a TD with his only 3 TDs coming in the passing game. Gaskin has his best performances when he is used as a pass catcher and relies heavily on ppr in order to have a decent game. He is helped by Malcolm Brown being placed on IR, but his only hope for this week is to score late in garbage time after the Bills have already mentally moved on to next week's game.

Given all that, there is a more insidious reason for me picking him this week. The most evil reason I have selected Gaskin as a sit this week is because I must start him in one of my leagues for week 8. Due to injuries and byes, he is my only option to start, and my team is currently performing terribly seeing as A.J. Brown and Keenan Allen have both underperformed as a whole on the year. If you have been reading these articles week to week, then you will know my predictions, while logical, have not been coming true at the rate I would have hoped. With all that information, one must falter. Who wins in the battle of an unstoppable force and an immovable object? Will I finally get one right and have my articles be slightly vindicated giving me some sense of credibility? Or will I once again be proven wrong by the fantasy football gods by having Gaskin perform well, therefore uplifting my fantasy team enough to get a win. Either way, I can only imagine the universe will find a way to screw me over.

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