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Start 'Em

J.D. McKissic, RB

Washington Football Team @ Green Bay Packers

Bye-mageddon is upon us, and this is the week we are all collectively forced to start players we may normally stay away from. Matt Ryan is even a smart pick up and play this week, so that has to mean something is seriously wrong. CMC is on IR, Saquon Barkley is out, Zeke, Ekeler, James Robinson, Dalvin Cook, and Najee Harris are all out on byes this week. The running back position is decimated in its current state including players who may or may not play due to injury. One of these key backs is Antonio Gibson, the starting back for Washington; he is listed as questionable for this upcoming game leaving J.D. McKissic as the potential lead back. McKissic is a far better pass catching option fantasy wise, and if he does get the start this week, I anticipate a large amount of targets for him. Even if Gibson does play, he has been battling the same injury for the past couple weeks leaving him sidelined in the middle of the last game as a result; I wouldn't be surprised if his snap count is limited for safety. Last week, after Gibson left,. McKissic saw 61% of the snaps. He also saw 10 total targets, as they were playing from behind for the majority of that game. This can also very easily be the case for Washington again this week with their abysmal defense and honestly lackluster offensive attack. My prediction for J.D. McKissic this week is to see a large number of targets and in return a solid number of receptions making him worthy of a start in this difficult week. A touchdown this week for any of the running backs being forced to start could be the difference in a win for your fantasy team and a loss; that is more likely to happen with the player who could see the most volume, which seems like it could be McKissic this week.

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