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I understand it’s hard to sit anybody this week given the nature of the “bye-pocalypse”, as Aaron puts it. Therefore, I understand this article doesn't provide as much weight as it does normally given that you must do what you need to in order to fill your roster spots this week. That being said, I do believe there is still somebody or a pair of somebody's that have the potential to serve about as well as somebody who is on a bye week during week 7. The main guy for this week is Tyler Lockett out of Seattle and to a lesser extent his fellow wide receiver DK Metcalf. I know Maurice is going to be really mad at me for the DK Metcalf part of this because he thinks that he's somehow related to Donkey Kong and is waiting for him to be in the next Donkey Kong video game; he’s sent letters to Nintendo end Shigeru Miyamoto about this issue as well as the new price for their Nintendo, Sega, Animal Crossing online expansion which is as he calls “something the former him would do.” You see, when I say former him, it’s because he's going through a bit of a rehabilitation right now, and it is mainly the result of his fascination oand admiration with Donkey Kong, funny as that may sound. It all started when he found a classic 1981 Donkey Kong arcade cabinet down where Maurice originated in the Marianas Trench. Since then, he's been going through the Donkey Kong games in a chronological order, and it's just brought out something in him; you can then see why he's a little upset at Nintendo for that $50 price gouge for having a limited selection of of games which does not include Donkey Kong 64 as of this moment. Besides going into some of the character progression of Maurice the bio genetically engineered platypus monster that I seem to be doing these articles for each week (see the week 1 article for context), my main point is to encourage you to sit Tyler Lockett and be hesitant about DK Metcalf. Let’s focus on Tyler Lockett, though, because he is a solid sit this week.

Since his injury, he has only gotten more than 50 yards once, and that came in a game where he caught 5 out of 10 passes. 5 passes is also the most he's caught in that time span, and even though he is still the wide receiver 24 on the year, he is being carried by his first 2 weeks which saw him as the WR 6 and WR 2 respectively. After those first two weeks, he had an injury that he doesn't fully seem to be recovered from, and more importantly, Russell Wilson got injured, leaving Geno Smith to be the quarterback. Besides being a backup quarterback that didn't look great in his first full start of the season against the Steelers, Geno Smith can't do what Russell Wilson can; he can't throw the deep ball to Tyler Lockett in a spot where he is the only person who can catch it. Geno Smith’s style of play favors DK Metcalf, but even then, if they can't move the ball very well, the “Dick King” is not going to get a lot of production either. To just show how much Lockett has been affected by his and Wilson’s injuries, in the past four games he was wide receiver 66, 74, 39 and 66 again. Without Russell Wilson Tyler Lockett should stay on your bench; they face a decently tough defense who can show up if they want to in the Saints, so because of all this, Tyler Lockett is my week 7 sit of the week.

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