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Marquise Brown, WR

Baltimore Ravens Vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Marquise Brown is the WR6/7 depending on how your league is scored, but unlike the other top 10 WRs, Hollywood is sitting at 50% started in ESPN leagues. “Hollywood” is averaging a clean 17 points per week and has only underperformed one time this year versus a scrappy Detroit Lions team. During that game, the Ravens organization was lucky enough to escape with a win, and as a whole, the team was not at their best. For the rest of this season, however, the Lamar and Hollywood connection has resembled the 2019 MVP season. Hollywood Brown is performing exactly how the Ravens game plan for him which has the receiver acting as a sneaky deep threat off the Lamar bootleg. With how fearful teams’ defenses are of Lamar gouging them for a large gain every play, Hollywood is able to casually sneak past the safeties, receiving a quick dump off which in turn is taken to the house. This will be especially lucrative this week versus the LA Chargers which have the worst rushing defense in the league. In 2021, the Chargers seem to be allowing teams to run on them in turn for all out stopping the pass, therefore, forcing teams to beat them with that run game if they’re going to. The problem the Chargers face in going up against the Ravens is that the Ravens always beat teams by running. This will force the Chargers to stack the box more than they would like, leaving them vulnerable for the patented Hollywood sneaky seam route. Regardless of all this speculation, the fact of the matter is Hollywood Brown is the WR6/7 through 5 weeks of the season, and at this point, that makes him a start every week until he stops performing.

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