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Devontae Booker

Los Angeles Rams @ New York Giants

In the immortal words of Cyrus from the Warriors and Hall of Fame wrestler Booker T, can you dig it, sucka? When it comes to the sit of the week player for week 6, the answer is emphatically no. You could have probably determined that by the title of this article, but seeing as Maurice clearly has a vendetta against the Giants given their recent injury woes and his pension for holding a grudge, I imagine those were all set up as an act of pettiness just to put Devontae Booker into a position for failure this week. You see, Maurice has this weird thing where he thinks people's initials equate to the job they have, so he figured Devontae Booker was a defensive back. Therefore, when discussing this at a party, you can imagine the reaction of the other guests when he made that faux pas; they had quite a laugh at his expense, so after that moment, besides providing a gruesome end to all those in attendance at said party, he vowed to get revenge on Devontae Booker, the source of said mistake. That is why Booker is in the position he is in now being the Giants number one running back heading into a week with a ton of other injured players and facing the formidable Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams are T-4th in sacks this season with 14, and if Devontae Booker has any chance of getting in the end zone, he will most likely be doing it within the Red Zone. However, that poses a challenge given the Giants are ranked 30th when it comes to Red Zone completion % scoring only on 40% of their Red Zone attempts. In order for him to have a decent game, Devontae Booker is going to probably have to get in the end zone, and that doesn't seem likely given the combination of the Rams defense and the Giants ability to score in the red zone. Also, don't be deceived by Booker being forced to get all the touches due to Berkeley being out; this Giants team will suffer all around this weekend, so if you do not have to start him, don't start him. This is not the best week for him to be able to showcase his ability or really much of anything. That's why Devontae Booker is the week 6 sit of the week!

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