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Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers

Maybe in hindsight, I should have said the Philadelphia Eagles run game was the start of the week because then at least I could have said Kenneth Gainwell did well because Miles Sanders did not perform to the level that he should have. For that I apologize, and trust me, nobody is more upset than me about this except maybe Maurice lost a decent amount of money on Sanders. I'm sure I'll pay for that in some way shape or form, but thankfully, I suggested a parlay related to the overtime games, so it wasn't all too bad. I may salvage my limbs just yet. Moving on to this week, though, I'm going to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles because Maurice just likes the idea of brotherly love and all that. He's going through a phase where he really likes cheese whiz apparently and loves the symbolic nature of having a crack in something that's a symbol for liberty. I guess he likes meta commentary on the hypocrisy of national structures or something like that; anyways this week being a sit article, I'm going to say the sit of the week is a one Mr. Jalen hurts. I know for some people in particular (Ryan) this article may hurt more than others, but it's the right move to make. Hopefully, it will get Maurice to move on to another fixation, but for now, it's going to be Hurts.

Despite being the QB6 right now, what really helps a quarterback is the five guys in front of them, and I'm not talking about the fast food place. I'm talking about the other meaty sides of beef protecting him on the o-line, and if you're unaware, the Eagles O-line has taken a beating this season; instead of being the juicy cooked to perfection prime rib they could be, they are now a bunch of mashed up glued together pieces of the pink slurry. To put it lightly, that's not good for protecting your quarterback. The matters in general but even more so given their matchup this week. The Philadelphia Eagles are going against the Carolina Panthers which have a much better defense than we initially thought, and they just got the addition of Stephon Gilmore, who can only add to the team even though he hasn't played in a while. The biggest aspect to this matchup is their front line because they have 14 sacks on the season so far which is tied-2. They've also only allowed more than 14 points in a game once this season and that was to the powerhouse Cowboys whose entire offense is just playing at a ridiculous level. That type of defensive performance is not going to repeat against an Eagles offense that has a bunch of their first string O-line missing, a not too deep receiver corps and a struggling run game. Therefore, there's not going to be very many options for Jalen Hurts this week and it's going to be a tough game that sees him on his back a lot. That's why Jalen Hurts is the sit of the week!

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