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Saquon Barkley RB

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints

Let me lay out some facts for this upcoming game: this is the first true home game for the Saints due to the recent hurricane, Saquon Barkley finally had his first “good” game which saw him get about 16 fantasy points, and finally, the Saints are third in the NFL in run defense. The Saints have allowed 181 total rush yards, 1 TD, and a measly 2.8 yards per attempt. Saquon Barkley himself has yet to rush for more than 60 yards and is averaging only 3.4 yards per attempt along with only 4 targets per game. Saquon is far from his rookie season and the great player we are all still hopeful he can be, but until he can string together more than 1 good game, we have to face the reality of the situation. Saquon has been a disappointment in the fantasy world and will continue to be this week against the Saints. The Giants offensive line is probably the worst in the league and every week it becomes more and more apparent with their generally horrible offensive play. The Giants as a team have averaged just under 19 points per game which is bottom 10 in the league. Fantasy football is this wide mix of talent, potential and production. Saquon has extreme talent and very high potential, but his production just hasn’t been to the level we need it to be. He is still banged up coming off a fully injured season last year, and he continues to be limited in practice this week. As I previously stated, he is going against the 3rd ranked rush defense; I believe his streak of under 60 rush yards will continue and he will be reliant on heavy passing work. As a result, he’ll need to sneak in a touchdown to have a good fantasy week. If you’re on the fence about Saquon this week, I’d lean towards sitting him, however, I know most used a first or second round pick on Barkley. Therefore, those who feel they must start Barkley, heed this warning: lower your expectations and don’t get over excited about his good week last week.

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