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Marvin Jones Jr.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Arizona Cardinals

I must start this by giving a shoutout to Maurice and the gang as they helped guide me to my pick from last week which turned out to be a pretty good one seeing as the Dolphins got shut out and their defense allowed 35 points to the Bills at home. Therefore, I have asked them for their countenance on my first start of the week for the season in order to channel their almighty powers for this pick. After falling in love with, hating and then falling in love with again Kenny G’s seminal 1986 hit “Songbird” while on hold for three hours, a lovely representative finally came through. I was told the stipulation to acquire their assistance and after successfully retrieving a vintage copy of the E.T. the Extra Terrestrial Atari 2600 video game, winning a life or death contest of curling with 2x Olympic Gold medalist Kaitlyn Lawes, and kidnapping the official royal family of water rats, I can confirm that the best start ‘em pick for the week has been sent to me. Without any further pomp and circumstance, the start of the week is none other than Jacksonville Jaguar wide receiver, Marvin Jones Jr.

Jones Jr. is the leading receiver on his team in nearly all discernible categories for the position including having the most targets (20), receptions (11), yards (132) and touchdowns (2). He also spends the most time on the field out of the Jaguars receivers having been on the field for 91% and 88% of the teams snaps respectively. He has also been quite consistent over the first two weeks of the season having at least 14.5 fantasy points (depending on your scoring system) in both of his games so far and consistency is one of the most important things for any fantasy football player.

Regarding their opponent this week, the Jaguars are going against the Arizona Cardinals who allowed three receiving touchdowns last week. I can’t imagine this game being a proverbial rock fight given the quality of both the Jaguars defense and the Cardinals offense, so that leaves only two options for how this game is going to play out: the somewhat unlikely but always welcome shootout or the more likely blowout leading to salvation in the form of garbage time points. Either situation is good for Jones Jr. That’s why he is the Start ‘Em Player of the Week!

*No water rats or Olympic curlers were harmed in the making of this article.

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