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Melvin Gordon RB

Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Last week, Melvin Gordon had a 70 yard run to put the exclamation mark on a decisive victory over the New York Giants. It allowed him to finish with 101 total rushing yards on the day and a touchdown. Teddy Bridgewater also threw the ball 36 times which is a 37.5% increase compared to his career average for attempts per game. I bring this up to make a point; the Giants run defense is surprisingly good this year, and it forced the Broncos to pass the ball more than they would like to or were comfortable with. Without the 70 yard run at the end, the Broncos as a whole would have finished with only 95 yards on the ground. Jacksonville, however, made the Texans look like a powerhouse this past week by allowing all 3 of the Texans RB’s to score a TD. Denver is a much better team than Houston and will be able to run the ball all day against the Jags without any thought. I expect Teddy Dripwater to pass less this game after losing his favorite target, and they will be up early which means the running backs will more than likely be expected to keep the clock moving in order to keep Trevor Lawrence off the field. Plus, it always helps to know that you have a running back who is capable of randomly breaking out for 70 yards at any time. This game will be a blowout or at least if the score doesn't reflect blowout, Denver will be in control for the full 60 minutes of playing time.

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