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DJ Moore, WR

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints

So, umm about last week. Clearly Russell Gage didn’t get the message that Maurice was putting out there, but if it makes you feel any better it affected me just as much as it would have affected you since I lost out on a championship opportunity as a result. I apologize for that and so does Maurice. He is filled with extreme guilt which unfortunately means his national trek has concluded on a bit of a sour note. At the start of his journey, that kind of thing may have thrown him into a wild fit of rage rivaling that of Godzilla or the creatures in “Rampage.” However, he has grown a lot on his voyage and is taking it in stride while focusing on how he can learn from it. I am proud of the reformed giant militarily enhanced platypus being that is Maurice, and I am proud of the journey we have been on through these articles over the course of this season. There have been highs and lows, but through and through, I tried to provide you the best advice possible; sometimes it worked out and other times it may have had catastrophic results. Regardless, I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing these and without any further ado, it’s time to get into the final start/sit article for the wild 2021 fantasy season. The start player of the week for most likely your championship match is DJ Moore. Here’s why!

DJ Moore is finally getting Sam Darnold back after his departure in week 9, and that is a pretty big deal. Even though he had ups and downs with Darnold, his best fantasy performances came in tandem with Darnold on the field. In fact, his second best fantasy performance of the season came with Sam Darnold and more specifically came against the New Orleans Saints, the Panther’s opponent this week. In that game, Moore caught 8 of his 11 targets and had a touchdown. The New Orleans defense is great in terms of the run game but going against receivers, it has been quite different. They are in the bottom 10 against the position, and in all but one of their games, the Saints have allowed over 100 yards receiving this season. I think the time is right for Moore to have a top 10 finish again where he finally shakes off any of the QB woes he’s had to combat this entire season. That’s why DJ Moore is the start of the week for the 2021 Fantasy Football Championship match. Also have a safe and happy New Year where you never forget to stay dreamin’!

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