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Sit ‘EM

Kyle Pitts, TE

Atlanta Falcons @ Buffalo Bills

Since I was actually on the podcast this week, I already mentioned Kyle Pitts as my nightmare so this may be short. In this championship week, most teams are already set in stone with maybe a small debate on which flex option is best. I implore you to stay away from believing Kyle Pitts can make it happen this week. Pitts is very talented and I'm sure he will have a great future in the coming years. This week is the perfect storm for the Falcons to score 0 points: the weather will be terrible, the Bills are the number 1 passing defense in the NFL, and finally, Matt Ryan has just 4 passing TD’s in the last 7 games. There is an expected 1-3 inches of snow coming to the Buffalo area this Sunday which historically has meant the game will result in a lot of running. Secondly, the Bills have allowed the least amount of passing yards and passing TD’s in the NFL, with 173 ypg allowed and only 11 total passing TD’s this season. Lastly, Matt Ryan is just not throwing TD’s recently. This year, Kyle Pitts has more tackles (3) than TD’s (1). In order for Pitts to have a good fantasy game, he will need lots of catches and yards which will be difficult to come by because of the opponent and also because of Mother Nature. I am staying away from Pitts this week and seeing if there is a streamer I can try to utilize instead.

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