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James Robinson, RB

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans

Please, before reading this article go to wherever you listen to your music and start playing At Last by Etta James. I'll wait right here while you go and do that…

Okay, you're back? Good, now let's talk about the dumpster living in human form we know as Urban Meyer. Plenty has been said already about the person that is Meyer, so I will not go over that much more, but Urban as a coach made him seem like a petulant child. The biggest victim on the Jaguars this season was James Robinson. Last year's fantasy darling and biggest surprise seems to have fallen off in his sophomore season. If we look just at the numbers and never keep track of the reality of the situation he was in, we would assume Robinson was a one year wonder and this year was closer to what we can expect going forward. In reality, he was inhibited by a coach that was looking for a reason to justify taking a RB in the first round of the draft when they needed help in so many other places. When Robinson was treated like a normal starting back this year, (15 or more carries counts as normal,) he averaged about 95 yards rushing and a TD per game. In the games Robinson failed to reach 15 carries, he dropped to just 29 yards and less than ⅓ a TD per game. If Robinson was utilized fully for the whole season, his final numbers would end up being around 1600 rush yards and 17 TDs. The man has talent and can be a factor in NFL games for a team that has looked mediocre at best and akin to a high school program at worst. This week, he faces the Texans which is like the cherry on top of the Urban Meyer firing sundae. This week, his interim head coach was also quoted as saying, “he will play like a starting back…” which is all I need to hear to have the confidence they will at least trust Robinson to run the ball and see where he can lead them. Hopefully, it’s to a stud fantasy performance just in time for playoffs.

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