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Devonta Freeman, RB

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Last week put us back on the right track as Noah Fant fell to the curse of Maurice much like many other players have so far this season. The only question is will this week’s player suffer the same fate, or will they somehow manage to escape the webbed toes of Maurice’s fantasy justice? That all depends on the player of course, and with that comes an update on the 2021 Flippers Across America Tour starring Maurice, the genetically engineered military test subject turned sentient platypus being. This week, he found himself in Maryland with the hopes of catching some of the famous crab the area is known for. Unfortunately for him, he tried to do this by sneaking into the Baltimore Aquarium and suffice it to say, the guards did not take too kindly to a multi-ton Platypus creature entering one of their tanks in order to dine on the famed crustaceans. They especially didn’t appreciate having Old Bay thrown in their face while Maurice spouted quotes from The Wire at them such as “Shiiiiiiit” and “You come at the King, and you best not miss.” After narrowly escaping the guards, Maurice found himself hiding away in Edgar Allen Poe’s house, and upon attempting to leave, he got locked in a room where the cuckoo clock kept repeating “Nevermore, Nevermore” every thirty minutes, which drove him a little mad. Eventually, he was able to get out of there, but before leaving the state to find some place to recoup, he swore that at least one member of every professional Baltimore sports team shall have a terrible performance in the upcoming week. Therefore, the week 14 sit player of the week is none other than Baltimore Ravens running back, Devonta Freeman.

Despite being fairly versatile and a valuable weapon for the Ravens throughout the season, the past few weeks have been so up and down in terms of his fantasy performances that I have mild whiplash from following it. Starting after the bye he has finished as the RB#9, RB#33, RB#10, RB#36 and RB#9, respectively. I expect that trend to continue into this week, meaning he’ll finish outside the top 30 much like he did in week 12 against the same Cleveland Browns team he faces this week. Although the Browns are ranked 12th against the run, in their last encounter with the Ravens, they only allowed a total of 67 rushing yards to the position. If anyone is going to be running on Cleveland, it will most likely be Lamar Jackson who got 68 yards on the ground by himself in week 12. This game is a must win for Cleveland and they are playing at home so they should come out and try to smother the Ravens all game. If they can stop Jackson from having a productive game, then they have a decent chance of shutting down the rest of the Ravens which may very well be the case for this week. That is why Devonta Freeman is the week 14 sit of the week!

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