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Noah Fant, TE

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

As you may have noticed, I was off last week due to the general malaise of Thanksgiving and all that comes with it. I apologize if that upset you, but I am back and hopefully just as good, whatever that’s worth. That being said, we are officially in the last month of the year and the appropriate month for putting up your holiday decorations and/or blasting any festive time music you may choose to play. Granted, you can play that anytime of the year, however, it's publicly accepted around only this time of year. I also understand if you want to play it in public because go for it; do you, and while you’re at that, I'm going to be myself by continuing this article as I do any other, with some weird story about my friend and overlord Maurice, the militarily created, genetically enhanced giant platypus being (We don't like to use the term monster since it's a bit demonstrative, haha just kidding but labels do matter, so we're trying to get away from using specific name.)

Speaking of Maurice, he is not back just yet because he is still on his nationwide trek to better himself. This week brought him to a town in Illinois that claims to be the inspiration for John Carpenter’s fictitious Haddonfield, Illinois which is the birthplace of one Michael Myers, killer extraordinaire. Apparently, this place takes it very seriously, and you know how some museums play certain things on a loop where it can take hours to listen to or watch the whole thing. Well, this particular town has a running loop of all the Halloween films, and once Maurice got to the sixth one (because you know he stayed for all of them,) he saw one mister Paul Stephen Rudd, AKA 2021’s sexiest man alive. Much like the rest of us, Maurice became obsessed with Paul Rudd mostly because he is America's cool relatable hip uncle but partly because of his anti-aging ability and the implications of that, so if you're Paul Rudd and you're reading this, just watch out for a giant platypus monster trying to sneak up on you because that might be a thing that happens soon. More importantly, in his adoration, Maurice found out Paul Rudd is a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Therefore, he would do anything to protect them because that in turn makes Paul Rudd happy, so that's the short way of me saying the week 13 sit of the week is Noah Fant. Now, onto the much longer, factually based argument.

Tight ends are generally boom-or-bust when you get out of the top five, and this season is no exception. It's almost as if that curse has spread out through all positions this season with many players being quite inconsistent including the Denver Broncos tight end, Noah Fant. I understand his matchup is pretty favorable against the Kansas City defense that has been known to give up a lot of yards and points to opposing teams. However, that's changed in recent weeks with them finding their “mojo” again; they’ve been able to really buckle down while their offense produces a lot of points. As a part of that, they have given up very little to the tight end position as of late. In the past six weeks, they haven't given up more than 65 yards to the position, and in the past 3 weeks, have allowed less than ten points to the position, giving up no touchdowns in those 3 weeks as well. Noah Fant only has three touchdowns on the season and only has 3 games over 10 points with all but one game getting less than 65 yards. He does get a decent amount of targets, ranking 8th among tight ends. Despite that, he's ranked 15th when it comes to yards for the position, so it's all for naught, basically. The Broncos will have Teddy Bridgewater start, which is better than Drew Lock, but it's still not enough for me to feel comfortable playing him, especially when there are other tight ends I know can put up better performances. All of that is why Noah Fant is the week 13 sit of the week!

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