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Buffalo Bills Backfield, RBs

Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills

Last week was a bit of a setback, and Matt Ryan, you not only let me down, you let your fans down, you let the readers of these article's down, but most importantly, you let Maurice down; he doesn't forget those things which is possibly why you had such a bad Thursday night game against the Patriots. Actions have consequences, so I hope you learn from them. Moving on to this week, Maurice really got into wrestling, especially the extreme matches where they go through the tables. Fittingly, he was in the upper New York area and went to a Buffalo Bills themed party where he decided to jump through a table. However, the table was not the same as the ones they use in wrestling, and he got hurt. After his phone call crying about the mean people who “forced” him to go through a table, he is quite upset at the Buffalo Bills right now and all their fans. Therefore he has told me you should sit the entirety of the Buffalo Bills backfield. To further elaborate on that, here's some more fact based reasoning.

Zack Moss, who seems to be the lead back in Buffalo, has not had over 10 fantasy points in a game after week 5. He does catch the ball, but even then, he's not getting into the end zone enough which is a big problem. Despite getting into the end zone last week, he still didn't get enough yards to get past 10 fantasy points, and the worst part about it is he's had some really good matchups. If you can't get a good amount of points in decent matchups, how can I expect you to fair in matchups that aren't as favorable such as this week's against a stout Colts run defense that has only given up three touchdowns on the year and who are ranked 4th against the position. Likewise, Devin Singletary does about as well as Zack Moss, and even though, in the pass game he got over 10 fantasy points, he needed a touchdown to do it. He is entirely touchdown dependent, and as I said before, they're probably not going to be getting many touchdowns against the Colts run defense. I'm sure they'll be able to pass all over them which is great for Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, but that back field is going to suffer as a result even though a blowout should be great for the running backs seeing as they'll get more time on the field. However, it's not proving fruitful for this Buffalo Bills backfield, so that's why they're my sit of the week.

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