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Matt Ryan, QB

Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys

We've been doing pretty well as of late, and that makes me feel pretty good because it means I'm providing you with advice that can be beneficial to your team. Being able to be a credible source of advice is exciting and thrilling because it allows me to feel confident that I’m giving you the best advice I can provide. Hopefully you've been able to use these past few weeks to get some wins or at least not have to worry about one particular player over another. My start player for week 10 is somebody that throughout the season you might have been on the fence about and someone you could have streamed every once in a while. This week is another one of those weeks. Maurice has been on his road trip, and while he was in Colorado last week, he has now moved East after being surveyed in a mall by the people at Family Feud. He saw it was made in Georgia, so he went all the way there to see the taping where his answers might appear in the episode. While there, Steve Harvey got so shook by somebody saying the word penis, Maurice somehow was able to fill in as host and killed it. Unfortunately, he wasn't invited back because Steve being the shrewd businessman he is, has it in his contract that a militarily created platypus monster can host for only a single taping. Despite that, he had a great experience seeing as the game happened to be a celebrity edition between NFC players and AFC players. He was so impressed by the head of the NFC team, so for this week, he told me to tell you to start Matt Ryan.

Here's some stats for why you should start Ryan; he's coming off his best game of the season against a New Orleans Saints defense that is oftentimes stingier than the one he will be facing this week. The Cowboys defense is in the bottom 12 of fantasy points against the quarterback, wide receiver and tight end positions. I'm not worried about the run game because Cordarrelle Patterson basically just catches the ball anyways, so any advantage Dallas has in that regard is moot. On top of that, this game will likely either go toe-to-toe or because Dallas will be pretty upset from last week, they’ll get quite far ahead of Atlanta forcing Matt Ryan to throw a lot. In that scenario, there's going to be a bunch of garbage time points which are still as good as any other points. He's connecting with his main receivers in both Patterson and Pitts as well as Gage who has been more active as of late. In the last four games he's had an average completion percentage of over 71% with his most recent game being over 76%. He's being efficient with the ball as well, having thrown for 300 or more yards in four games this season without throwing a ton of passes. He can do that again against the Cowboys because if he needs to dump it off he can, and if he needs to throw the deep ball he can. He can get the ball out to his receivers and get around this defense because this defense is giving up a lot of big plays including Trevon Diggs who despite having a lot of interceptions also blows big plays a decent amount of times. Ryan is a streaming option for this week, so if you have somebody better I understand playing them instead. However, Matt Ryan could easily finish as a top 12 quarterback this week, and that's why he's my week 10 start of the week.

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