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Antonio Gibson, RB

Washington Football Team @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I really like Antonio Gibson and believe he is just being under utilized in his role. For some reason, he does not see any passing down work even though this man converted to running back after being a receiver. Was he a prolific receiver, no, but he is more of a receiver than some random linebacker is a QB because “he played QB in high school, so he really knows how to understand the inner machinations of the offense” or whatever bullshit Chris Collinsworth pukes onto the air every Sunday night. Without the targets, he immediately drops in value for ppr leagues, and as of late, he has been stymied by his shin injury. Since week 6, he has failed to reach more than 45% of the offensive snaps in a game and has a total of 154 all purpose yards with 0 TD’s in those 3 games. The positive is he is coming off of a bye week and a week of light practice, no travel, and most importantly rest which is sure to do the body and mind good. This is when I get into my biggest point; The Bucs run defense is scawwwy. They have been allowing an average of just 78 rushing yards per game and only 4 rushing TD’s this whole season, 2 of which went to garbage time savant Jalen Hurts. They have allowed only 1 player to rush for exactly 100 yards, Khalil Herbert. However, this defense has shown vulnerability the past 3 games they have allowed 100, 143, and 152 rush yards, a far cry away from the negative 1 yard they gave up against the Patriots. Recently, this defense has been injured, and it has shown. Like the Washington Washingtons, the Bucs also were on bye allowing for some of those nagging injuries to heal a bit more, and they are coming off a loss to a division rival. This Bucs team will be fully prepared and has shown previously they can make an example out of the bad teams; this Washington team is BAD. I do not want to have to start Gibson if I don't have too because I am just praying he is able to sneak in a TD some way; that's the only way he’ll have a decent game.

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