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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

When doing a Fan Duel Sun-Mon Contest with a full roster you get $60,000 to work with for a total of 9 roster spots for an average of $6,666 per roster spot. Each position however will its own average while a player Like Christian McCaffrey will cost $10,000 you are still able to find value in the RB category for less than $6,600. With this information here is a list of who I believe are some of the best value picks to fill out your roster 1 per position.

QB- Philip Rivers IND $7200

The new QB for the Indianapolis Colts could have an easier start to his renaissance year, going against a severely damaged Jaguars team. As I mentioned with my T.Y. Hilton profile the Jaguars defense lost crucial players in their pass defense while the Colts offense objectively got better with a healthy T.Y. And new gunslinger Philip Rivers in town. With that Rivers is set to start off the 2020 season hot and ranked at QB 18 on Fan Duel he is poised to be an excellent value with large upside.

RB- Boston Scott PHI $4900

Miles Sanders is officially out Sunday which means the primary ball handler will be none other than Boston Scott. Philly is going against a weak Washington team who had chase young and their team name as the only interesting talking points of the offseason. Boston has big upside especially in the passing game and should be an absolute stela at the current price.

WR- John Brown BUF $6100

John Brown has been tasked with being the number 1 option in Buffalo for the better part of his career so far and now with Stefon Diggs in town he has the chance the get some pressure of his back. Lucky for him he is going against an absolutely terrible Jets team who ranked 28th last year against WR’s in fantasy. For the asking price Brown has excellent value with high boom potential for week 1.

TE- Noah Fant DEN $5400

Courtland Sutton is a game time decision this Monday but it looks to be leaning more doubtful than anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sutton did play but was used has a decoy to open up other receivers. Fant has already been used as more of a hybrid slot and moving all around the offensive formation. Denver is going against last years 24th ranked passing defense and should see most of his work in the middle of the field and in the redzone. Outside the top 4 tight ends you’re just hoping to see someone who has a random huge day, Noah Fant has one of the best potentials for a low bidding price.

DEF- BUF $4700

This pick is the least value of all the ones I have said so far since the most expensive defense is only $5000 but the facts are Buffalo is a very solid defense especially in fantasy and the Jets are just a sad team that are merely in the NFL to be the resident punching bag. Jets fans show that sometimes sticking it out and hoping for better is the wrong move.

Honorable Mention

WR- DeSean Jackson PHI $5600

Like Boston Scott I mentioned earlier the Washington (hopefully Red Tails) football team is similar to the Jets, terrible. Playing the Washington football team is like a half bye week since you still have to play against an “NFL Team” but the effort required is minimal. Jackson is the number one option going against last years 27th ranked defense. At a full $1000 below the required average Jackson is an easy selection.

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