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Raheem Mostert RB

San Francisco @ Detroit Lions

Raheem Mostert is really fast and the lions defense sucks so start him up this week.

The Lions have been in a perpetual rebuild mode since the dawn of time, and this year is no different. They would be the clear favorite to have the worst record in the NFL if it weren't for the mess that calls themselves the Houston Texans. Raheem Mostert is finally healthy and he currently sits at 5.6 yards per carry (YPC) over the course of his career which is an absolutely ridiculous number considering Derrick Henry, who ran for over 2000 yards last season, only averaged 5.4 during that span. Raheem Mostert has such a high YPC because he is lightning fast and will frequently break a 75 yard run for a TD before he ultimately gets injured. Mostert is arguably deadliest when he catches a screen where he is given space and has blockers in front of him. As a whole, the 49ers are finally healthy and the Detroit Lions have spent the offseason bolstering their defense to the best of their abilities. There truly is nowhere to go besides up after having the 2nd worst defense in NFL history last year by points allowed. With all that effort however, it will not be enough, and they will continue to be one of the worst defenses in the league even if they are marginally better than last year. The Lions allowed a league-high 27 rushing TD’s last year and 4.4 YPC. Those are all great signs for Mostert to have a big game against an easy opponent. This may be one of the easiest calls I have to make all year, and don’t be surprised if there is a highlight Sunday afternoon of Mostert running 50+ yards to the house.

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