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As a wise villain once said, “the hardest choices require the strongest wills.” This week, my strength is already being tested, but I must set my personal preferences aside in order to provide you with the best intended fantasy advice. As a result, it pains me to say that the Sit of the Week is Chicago Bears running back, David Montgomery. This might sound counterintuitive because you most likely drafted him as your second running back, but as I said earlier in the week on the Fantasy Daydreamers podcast, “Be bold, and take risks in week 1.” Now is the time to make wild swings that can force the rest of your league to take notice, and by sitting your #2 running back in week 1, you show that you are willing to do anything to get the edge in your league.

Besides making a bold statement, the stats back up this seemingly wild decision. The Los Angeles Rams had arguably the top defense last season led by the imposing force that is Aaron Donald. Aaron Donald is a Rams defensive tackle meaning he’s the first path of resistance to any opposing running back. Last year he was tied for the second most sacks in the league with 13.5, and since entering the league in 2014, he has the most sacks with 85.5. The rest of the Rams defense didn’t fair too badly either. Last year, they had the second most sacks with 53, they allowed the fewest number of total yards and they allowed the fewest amount of points from opposing teams.

As much as I like David Montgomery and think he’ll have a tremendous season, he is going against a brutal defense. As we saw on Thursday night, a great D-Line can hold a top tier running back to RB 3 numbers, so no one is a safe bet when it comes to going against a top defense. Hold him out for this week and expect better things to come. Your patience will be rewarded.

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