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Updated: Mar 5, 2021


Adrian Peterson - Detroit Lions RB

The eternal, the ageless, the myth; I don’t know what else you can call this man. We all know the mythology surrounding him and his career, but he still continues to astonish year after year. Whether it’s 296 rushing yards in a game his rookie year or 2100 rushing yards months after a torn ACL, Adrian Peterson defies the odds. Most recently AD was signed by a completely new team on September 7th, and 6 days later his performance mirrored that of a franchise back with years in the system under his belt. As I said on our Monday podcast (new episodes Tuesday and Thursday mornings on Spotify and Apple podcasts), Adrian Peterson must have a photographic memory when it comes to play books or the coaches knew what sort of talent AD is and found simple ways to get him the ball.

Let’s get into week 1 stats. Peterson ran the ball 14 times compared to just 10 times for other running backs combined. Those 14 carries amounted to 93 out of 138 yards total for the team, with the second leading rusher being Matt Stafford with 23 yards. The only thing I believe this translates to is that Matt Patricia has zero faith giving Kerryon Johnson the ball and D’andre Swift is either not what they had hoped for or he’s just not ready to be handling the rock consistently. Adrian Peterson needs to be rostered in most leagues and has flex potential depending on the matchup. We need to remember who this man is and stop disrespecting his name.

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