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Start Him

Much like my waiver wire pick for this week, my start ‘em/ sit ‘em player might be a little risky this week, but much like the kicker in the Replacements, I’m a bit wiry this week. Maybe it’s the anticipation if a holiday celebrating joy and cheer in a year that has been devoid of that or maybe it’s because I have a little more time to think since I have accrued multiple unceremoniously losses in week 14, thus ousting me from any future hope for these playoffs. Despite my lamentations and grievances, I will not let that get in the way of trying to provide you with relatively sound advice for your upcoming playoff matchup(s). Obviously, hindsight is 2020 in these matters, but until we know how well this player did following their game, he is a choice that I feel quite comfortable with.

Before I build up more anticipation than Dr. Frank-N-Furter, my player for this week is going to be T.Y. Hilton. Like I said, he may seem a little risky but let me try and put your mind at ease on the matter. Over the past three weeks, he has gotten into the endzone four times. He has had 81, 110, and 86 yards respectively over that span and the ball has been thrown to him a lot more as of late. In the past three games he has had four catches on five targets, eight catches on eleven targets and five catches on seven targets. His stat line for those three games as a whole is 17 targets for 277 yards and four touchdowns, which is pretty astounding given the trajectory of his season prior. At some point after the Green Bay game, he must have taken a dip in the fountain of youth because he is looking like the T.Y. Hilton of old as opposed to old T.Y. Hilton. His opponent this week is also a rematch against the Houston Texans, the game in which he got over 100 yards this year.

Houston’s defense is not playing well right now and are 23rd on the season against receivers. They have given up at least one touchdown in each of their past four games and have allowed an average of 169 yards in those four games. Receivers have gotten at least 13 receptions in those games and have given up 25.6 points per game to the position on the year.

The Indianapolis Colts need to do well to keep on track with the Tennessee Titans and Hilton has become a major part of that recently. Right now, the Colts and specifically Hilton are burning up like the lava flows of Mustafar while the Texans defense is about as cold as the icy tundra of Hoth. I expect Hilton to continue his hot streak for another at least another week, and going against a vulnerable defense in Houston, he has WR1 potential.

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