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Start Him

My player profile for this week is going to be T.J. Hockenson. I really enjoy what he is doing this year, and he is making a big push for the title of Mr. Consistent. That is why he is my start him player of the week.

As I said in the previous paragraph, Hockenson is looking to steal the coveted title of Mr. Consistent from the reigning champ, Cole Beasley, who just opened the door for such a contender to approach his domain. I blame Josh Allen for that mostly since he only threw to Cole “Beastley” twice making him essentially a non-factor in the game, which is an absolute travesty. Beasley caught those two passes, naturally, but I imagine he restlessly sat upon his exalted throne that night and watched as Hockenson kicked in the large doors to his chambers.

Hockenson was able to burst through that door by averaging over ten points per game and scoring no less than seven points per game this season, which puts him at tight end #4 on the year. He has four touchdowns on the season, and in this last game, he had season highs in targets, catches and yards with 10, 7 and 65 respectively. This week, a healthy matchup is thrust upon his plate with the Minnesota Vikings having the 19th best defense against tight ends this year. I expect him to do quite well since the Detroit Lions top wide receiver is out in Kenny Golladay, and in case you haven’t heard, the Vikings have a monster in the backfield named Dalvin Cook, who devours yards like Jim Carrey chewed up the comedy scene in 1994. Cook is pretty unstoppable, which means they might get ahead causing the Lions to play catch up. This is good for Hockenson because the ball will get thrown much more in that case, giving him more chances to get yards and more chances to score.

Cole Beasley also has a favorable matchup this week as he faces the Seattle Seahawks who possess the worst defense against receivers this year, so I, like many others will watch with bated breath as the title for Mr. Consistency enters its most exhilarating chapter to date. Who will come out holding the crown? Will a new contender enter the mix? Does Tom Brady dye his roots? Find out next week on the same daydreamer’s time, same daydreamers’ channel.

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