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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Start Him

I might have to walk the plank for this both this joke and this pick, but my start him for this week is the Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver, Scotty Miller. Scotty Miller has put up decent flex numbers in three of the four games he has played so far. The bad game he had was a game where both Leonard Fournette and Mike Evans got over 100 yards each and Miller was coming off a game where he had a crucial drop. Since then, he has regained Tom Brady’s trust with his consistency and dependability.

Even if he didn’t fully have Brady’s trust, which he does, Brady is in a position where he has little else to throw to. O.J Howard hurt his achilles, so he is out for the season. Chris Godwin has been out for a while and will most likely not play on Thursday. Mike Evans has been playing through the pain, and although he will most likely continue to do so, he is far from 100%. Rob Gronkowski is not the Gronk of old and is basically there as the beautiful assistant serving as a distraction while Tom Brady does his magic. This leaves Miller as one of Brady’s go to guys moving forward for the foreseeable future.

I know the Bucs are going into a Thursday night game which often results in lackluster performances because of the short time frame, but in this circumstance, I feel that works out for Miller. Brady is going to have to rely on what feels right and much like Seth Rogen in a Judd Apatow film, Miller just makes sense for Brady. Speaking of Tom Brady, he looks the best he has all season. He has finally rummaged through the tool shed and found the WD-40 because the rust is gone. As a result, Miller is going to be looked at quite a bit, and I expect him to get the most targets he’s seen all season. I also expect him to mimic his performance in the last game by finding a home in the endzone as well as making it a hat trick for games in which he has at least 83 yards.

The stars are aligned for Miller this week, so if you have him on your team, play him and get an early lead on your opponent going into the weekend.

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