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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Start Him

Honestly, this whole article could be start whomever is going up against the Jets this week, and it would sound very similar to what is already being put out. I like Gaskin a lot this week, mostly because of the matchup but also because he is continuing to show us he is the feature back in a crowded Miami backfield. With Jordan Howard being a healthy scratch this week, Gaskin was able to score in the redzone proving to his team he could be the back that does it all. Gaskin has seen the most runs for his team the past 2 weeks and averages 4.6 receptions a game, consistently. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been lighting it up recently and Miami as a team demolished the reigning NFC champion 49ers. I see no reason this Miami team can't have back to back blowouts unless Le’Veon Bell was some sort of bad luck and the Jets have a sudden resurgence. With this team performing on a high level, I see the score getting out of hand early, forcing the Dolphins to run the ball out to finish off the clock and get home early. I believe this might be the first game Gaskin can reach 100 yards, but even if he doesn’t, his usage is high enough to throw into a flex position especially with plenty of byes effecting teams this week.

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