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Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys

Both Cowboys’ and Falcons’ fans were stunned at their favorite teams results for Week 9; the Cowboys were effectively being shut down the whole game against the Broncos while the Falcons blew a lead and then executed a comeback victory over the Saints. Dak Prescott appeared to have been a little rusty after missing the last couple of weeks due to a bye and injuries, which saw the rest of the offense suffer as a result. This is the perfect bounce back week for all Cowboys on offense, as the Falcons defense leaves much to be desired. On the other end, the Falcons offense has its tried and true staples for the season, Cordarrelle Patterson and Kyle Pitts. They have been the two most effective and consistent players for the Falcons on offense, and Matt Ryan has no other option than to continue to chuck the ball around the field. There isn’t much else on this offense I would be willing to roll the dice on, especially against a Cowboys’ defense that has played well all season long.

Minnesota Vikings @ Los Angeles Chargers

In a matchup of two teams that can never play a normal game and teams that play to the level of their opponent, the only question is whether this game will have fantasy greatness or fantasy despair. The Vikings have been the same story all year: Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. Outside of them, Kirk Cousins and Tyler Conklin are the two other potential options, but mostly as streamer only chances. On the Chargers side, we have seen a sudden resurgence from Keenan Allen, while Mike Williams has slumped over the last few games. Austin Ekeler has been awesome all season on the ground and through the air. Justin Herbert has had an inconsistent fantasy season that has started to cause some worries about his status of a set it and forget it fantasy option. I want to have as many players in this game as possible as this looks to be one of the higher scoring matchups of the week.

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