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Keoni's Week 2 Fantasy Football Starts and Sits

Football is back, and heading into week 2 of the 2022 season, we have a better idea of how the players are going to perform. Granted, there are no guarantees as anything can happen on Any Given Sunday, but we have finally had an opportunity to see players in a full fledged NFL game for the first time since February of this year.

I'm going to approach this article a bit differently than I have in the past. First, I will be discussing more players in the hopes of covering as many bases as possible. I imagine there may have been many times when discussing a single start or sit player for the week had no relevance to your team in particular. While I can't guarantee that any of these players will be on your team, I hope that in covering more players, it provides a better sense of how I feel the week will go. Hopefully it also helps you make the necessary decisions for you fantasy team. That is the ultimate goal after all; we are here to provide you with what we feel is the best advice for your fantasy football team and therefore your chances at winning each week in your fantasy football league.

Second, I will be discussing both starts and sits instead of just the one. This again allows for a more holistic approach to the topic and you don't have to worry about looking through different article to find each. Hopefully, this will provide a more convenient experience for you since we all know how frustrating and nerve wracking it can be setting your lineup each week especially if we have to look in multiple places. I also understand the irony of trying to make things more convenient while making you slog through a Star Wars level of text before getting to the actual information you are looking for. I swear this will be limited moving forward but clarity is important.

Last, I will only be covering Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers and Tight Ends. I'm sorry to all the defense and kicker fans out there, but you either already have one picked from your draft that you'll stick with all season or you are streaming each week. In that case, just pick the best matchup available and focus on more important positions.

OK, I think that covers it. Now, with that being said, let's get into the starts and sits of week 2 of the 2022 fantasy football season!

Week 2 Starts


Matthew Stafford-LA Rams vs ATL Falcons

Matthew Stafford is coming off a bad week 1 performance against the best looking defense in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills which say him throw for only 1 TD to 3 interceptions. He was also sacked 7 times which does not provide a lot of room to ball out. Overall, the Rams did not look great, but they still have great weapons in Cooper Kupp and although he didn't show up much, Allen Robinson.

I think this week will be much different with the Rams still playing at home against the Atlanta Flacons that are not good on defense. The Rams should be fired up after an embarrassing loss and should come back and show why they won the Superbowl last season. They may not be at that level yet, but I think Stafford and the offense use their weapons better this week. I expect Stafford to throw for over 300 yards and have between 2 and 3 touchdowns with no picks.


James Robinson- JAX Jaguars vs IND Colts

While Indy is the better team, and I hate going against them when it comes to run defense, Jacksonville has their number for some reason. It’s just one of those things and in his two games vs Indy, Robinson had 90 total yards and then 84 total yards and a touchdown. Those are numbers I can get behind especially if Etienne is gonna not look great like he did in week 1. It’s a little bit tentative because Etienne still had alright numbers in week 1, but it's a good situation for Robinson and I still think he is going to be the lead back for this team for the next few weeks until Etienne takes over eventually. I expect him to get 10+carries and over 80 yards on the ground with a trip to the endzone.


Tyler Boyd: CIN Bengals vs NYG Giants

With Tee Higgins still in concussion protocol, his likelihood for the game this week is up in the air, and while Tyler Boyd stays on the field around the same amount with or without Higgins (around 80%), that still offers him more opportunities to get the ball. Less mouths to feed means more food for those at the table, and this offense can be high powered. Burrow had 5 turnovers and still had over 20 points last week, so he’s slinging the ball and much of that will go to Boyd. They face the New York Giants who didn't look great last week, outside of Saquan Barkley. I expect Boyd to be a flex warrior this week getting 8+ targets, over 90 yards and end up across the goal line for a score.


Taysom Hill: NO Saints vs TB Buccaneers

Taysom Hill, when he counts as a tight end, is a scary player. He got the wildcat looks last week and made the Falcons defense look dumb. He is basically a quarterback playing at the tight end position and that offense takes advantage of it. They go up against a tricky Tampa Bay defense who can pose some problems, but that's where the wildcat comes into play. They may need to bring that out to win this game, and it could give Hill the chance to break off for another big run. Even though the matchup isn't ideal, Hill is a Swiss Army player who can make things happen. I expect around 40 yards on the ground, a handful of targets and maybe some passing work.

Week 2 Sits


Ryan Tannehill: TEN Titans vs BUF Bills

Honestly, a lot of the matchups for the QB's that you are gonna start are pretty good this week. While most may not be playing Tannehill, I can't justify making a top QB a sit this week just for the sake of sitting them. Therefore, Tannehill has to fall into the dreaded sit category. Much of this comes from the brutal matchup he faces this week against the table and spine splitting Buffalo Bills defense.

As mentioned earlier, the Bills forced three interceptions on Matthew Stafford and sacked him for each member of Snow White's little friends. The Tennessee offense also didn't look great last week only getting 359 total yards which is directly in the middle of the league. Tannehill threw for 266 yards against a mediocre Giants defense. I expect the punishment to come fast and often vs the Titans and Tanehill will probably throw some picks. I expect less than 250 passing yards, a touchdown and at least 2 turnovers.


J.K. Dobbins: BAL Ravens vs MIA Dolphins

He didn't play last week and he has been out for a while. This should be his debut for the season but I really need to see a game under his belt before I can trust to put him in my lineup. When it comes to JK Dobbins this week, I'm abiding by the policy of "I'd rather him do well on my bench than get nothing in my starting lineup."

I don't know what to expect from him, so I cannot play him with confidence for now.

On top of him not having played since 2020, Miami's defense is pretty stout. They only allowed 7 points to New England last week and they allowed the 7th fewest total yards with 271. They only let Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson 78 yards on the ground. Stay away from Dobbins for another week and if he does well, consider adding him to your main lineup, but not yet.


Ceedee Lamb: DAL Cowboys vs CIN Bengals

I know this might be early for a guy you probably drafted as your WR 1 but they were dismal last week against the Buccaneers. While Lamb was targeted 11 times, he only caught 2 of those passes and he had a total of 29 yards. To make matters worse, Dak Prescott will be out for a number of weeks, although he didn't look great in that game either. This leaves Cooper Rush as the starting QB who will most likely benefit Dalton Schultz vs anyone else on this team.

I also expect the Bengals to hunker down on defense after the embarrassing lost last week. This is not going to be a pretty season for the Cowboys so either try and trade Lamb now or bear down for a rough ride.


Kyle Pitts: ATL Falcons vs LAR Rams

While the Falcons did put up decent numbers vs the Saints last week, one player who wasn't as much of a factor was tight end, Kyle Pitts. he did have 7 targets but only caught 2 balls for less than 20 yards. Marcus Mariota tends to favor his legs when under pressure and this will come back to haunt Pitts.

This Rams team is also out for blood so I expect Aaron Donald, Troy Hill and Jalen Ramsey to play shut down defense, leaving little to no room for Pitts and the Falcons offense. Hopefully though this team can find ways to get him points but otherwise it'll be a long season for him and the Falcons.

Hopefully, these can help you make your roster decisions easier this week and you get that all important dub. Good luck, and stay dreamin'!

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