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Keoni's Week 13 Starts and Sits

We’re back with the starts and sits of the week after being on a brief hiatus. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, but now we’re moving to the most “jolly” of seasons. It is officially December, and along with sleigh bells, wreaths and an overabundance of advertising for things we don’t really need comes the crucial games before the fantasy playoffs. This is your last chance to make a stretch at the playoffs and even if it is too late to make it this year, you can still try to not be last. That’s why I’m here to help you with the top starts and bottom sits for week 13 of the fantasy season. In the truest spirit of the season, Yippee Ki-yay, you filthy animals!

Starts of the Week


Mike White: NYJ vs MIN Vikings

Insert terminator theme here: Last week, Mike White came through the locker room doors, found Zach Wilson and said, “Hasta La vista baby. You’ve just been terminated!” From 9 completions on 22 attempts with Zach Wilson in week 11 to 22 completions on 28 (78.6% completion rate by the way) attempts in week 12, Mike White looked like Terminator 2:Judgment Day compared to Wilson’s Terminator: Salvation.

White had 315 passing yards and 3 touchdowns which is 1 less passing touchdown than Wilson had in his 7 games so far. If you need a streaming quarterback, this team is better than it was with White last year, and they have a stupid good game this week vs the 27th ranked defense vs the quarterback position with Minnesota. The Vikings have allowed 6 games of over 300 passing yards this year and three in a row. With the weapons he has and the defense he faces this week, this is a scorched earth possibility type of game for the Jets. More than anything, I want to be on his good side come the singularity.


Brian Robinson: WSH Commanders vs NYG Giants

This is not a terrible matchup for Robinson as he faces the Giants which are smack Daboll in the middle of run defenses. They have also allowed over 150 yards to backs in the past two games and 5 touchdowns over that same span. Meanwhile, Robinson is averaging over 17 carries per game over the last two games and 91 total yards per game in the past 2. I like Robinson this week in a huge divisional matchup for these teams. I also want to play him because he is the hot hand vs a cold team.


Zay Jones: JAX Jaguars vs DET Lions

Zay Jones has been Trevor Lawrence’s favorite target as of late; the deputy to T-Law’s sheriff role. He has 24 targets and 19 catches in the past two weeks as well as 213 yards in that same span. He has only one touchdown so far, but it’s about time he finds the endzone again.

He can definitely do it vs the 30th ranked Detroit Lions which have allowed 11 touchdowns to receivers this year. They have also allowed 5 games over 200 receiving yards. That might happen again as the Jaguars storm into Detroit and look for another big win.


Tyler Conklin: NYJ Jets vs MIN Vikings

I don’t like to stack much with these, but the way Mike White played last week, I feel like anything is possible with this offense. I’m sure White will be going to guys like Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore, but there is room for their tight end as well. Minnesota is the 23rd ranked defense vs the position, and Conklin had his most receiving yards since week 8 last week. All he needs to do is sneak his way into the endzone which is a possibility any week. This is that week for Conklin.

Sits of the Week


Tua Tagovailoa: MIA Dolphins vs SF 49ers

This is probably one of the more painful picks for me this season, and I am going against the start sit segment from earlier in the week. I hate doing this since he has been so good this season (undefeated in games he starts and finishes) but he faces one of the best defenses in the league. They are going to have to give Tua enough time to get the ball out and that is going to be one of the numerous uphill battles he faces vs this buzzsaw of a defense.

The 49ers have had 8 games where the opposing QB scored under 15 fantasy points and only 2 games over 20. Those are tremendous numbers, and while Tua has great footwork/pocket presence, I think he is going to be on the move a lot this week. Between Fred Warner, Charvarius Ward, Talanoa Hufanga and Nick Bosa, this rush is going to be after Tua all night and force him to get rid of the ball quick. I see them needing those deep passes which might not be an option and I think Wilson will be relatively ineffective as well. I think this potential Super Bowl preview goes to the home team of the 49ers which may make a Miami win in the Super Bowl more likely, which is what I’m hoping for. May God have mercy on me for this pick but I say sit Tua this week.


Latavius Murray: DEN Broncos vs BAL Ravens

I was thankful for him last week, but the Denver offense looks atrocious and the Ravens are a top ten run defense this year. We all know the woes the Broncos have had on offense this year, and while Murray has been good the past few weeks, he needs a touchdown to really be of value moving forward.

The Raven’s defense has only allowed 4 touchdowns this year to running backs and they have kept the position out of the endzone in the past three games they’ve played. I like Murray but hate this offense. They will likely have to abandon the run at some point to try and get their 16 points in a game while still losing. The defense is mad at Russ, I’m mad at Russ and everyone who loves football should be mad at Russ. You can only stay neutral for so long, and that means I’m down on Murray this week.


Amari Cooper: CLE Browns vs HOU Texans

It’s plain and simple, they are in an away game this week. If we follow the pattern of one’s a point, two's a line and three's a trend philosophy, Cooper does not perform well in games where they fly. Please note that the game vs Buffalo which was played in Detroit, the Browns drove to that game. Therefore the trend still stands.

Even though the Texans are a very bad team, the Browns are likely to get up early and run the ball for a good portion of the game. The Texans are also somehow a top 5 defense vs the receiver allowing under the league average by three points per game. They have also only allowed 4 touchdowns to receivers this year and no more than 1 to the position in a game in 2022. Follow the trend and keep Cooper on the bench for this week.


Tyler Higbee: LAR Rams vs SEA Seahawks

This might be an enticing matchup and Higbee is basically the main pass catching option left now that Cooper Kupp and Allen Robinson are both out. They also face a Seattle defense that is the 31st ranked defense vs the tight end. They allow 6 more fantasy points to the position per game vs the rest of the league.

Despite all of these tasty looking numbers, the Rams are a completely different team from what they were a year ago. They are one of the worst looking teams in the league and Higbee has two games this year with zero targets including last week, so it’s not a quarterback preference issue. That is hugely concerning along with him having no touchdowns this year which is huge for tight ends.

Have a holly jolly weekend, and may you get another big win in your fantasy football team. Good luck and stay dreamin’!

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