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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Nelson Agholor- Las Vegas Raiders WR

Entering week eight of the fantasy season, there is less and less time for a struggling team to find wins and if you’re on the right side of .500, you are looking to get just a couple more wins to be able to coast into the playoffs. The waiver wire is getting a little dicey by this point as well. The rest of the lions have come by and picked it clean, so at this point you are competing with the vultures for the last scraps of the carcass in the hopes that it can give you the strength to survive just a little bit longer. My job is to try and help you find that last sliver of meat. That's why my waiver wire pick for this week is Nelson Agholor of the Las Vegas Raiders.

He is only 3% owned in ESPN leagues which is quite interesting since he has had three pretty good weeks in a row. He is sneakily making a case for himself to be picked up, and I say now is the time to do so. In his last three games he has over 200 receiving yards with over 100 of those coming in this past game against a good Buccaneers defense. He has a touchdown in all three of the previous games leading to over ten fantasy points in all three and over 20 in this past game depending on your league’s rules.

He has found a home in Las Vegas and is proving that he is still a viable fantasy option. I know many of your spots are probably all filled by now and the waiver wire is about as barren as a playground if Skynet had succeeded, but if you are trying to change things up to get some wins or have countless injuries, Agholor is a good flex option moving forward, if he keeps it up. Now is the time to make that last-ditch effort to try for the playoffs if you have a losing record, so try some stuff out and if it doesn’t work out, just blame this season on 2020. It’s okay to do that; everyone else is.

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