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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

J.D. McKissic- Washington Football Team RB

Going into week 7, the gap between the teams at the top and the teams at the bottom is starting to get wider much like the gap cars have to jump to keep fans interested in the Fast and Furious franchise. I mean there’s always family and also seeing the Rock outperform Vin Diesel, but that’s a different article. Although the win gap in widening, some bad teams did well while some good teams did not. I am here this week to talk about one of those teams who has not done too well this year, but one of their players is making a bid to pick them up off waivers.

I am speaking of Riverboat Ron’s, Washington Washington’s and more specifically their running back, J.D. McKissic. The Washington football team is in the NFC East which has a combined record of 5-18. The entire division has as many wins as the Steelers, Ravens, Seahawks, and Titans do individually, so to say the division is bad is about as obvious as realizing you’re gonna need a bigger boat when going up against a 25-foot great white. I bring up the division because there's at least four more games for the Washington team in their division which allows McKissic four big weeks to do very well. There are other teams as well that should give McKissic an opportunity going forward such as the Seahawks, the Lions, the Bengals, and the Panthers.

You might be skeptical about this pick because he shares a backfield with Antonio Gibson, so he is not going to get nearly as many touches as he would by himself. This is true, however, the biggest reason why I like McKissic is because he catches the ball. For the past three weeks, he has had at least six catches and at least 40 yards on those catches. He is a big target for Kyle Allen, and if he can have a decent or even reciprocal game on the ground, he will have a decent week for you.

He is a flex option at best, but he is only owned in 33% of leagues at the time of writing this article. Yesterday, he was owned in only 23% of leagues, so if you want him, you should get him quick because he is going about as fast as hotcakes dusted with a little Colombian powdered sugar. He is a good pickup if your bench is looking about as emaciated as the protagonist from Stephen King’s "Thinner." Despite being on a bad team, McKissic is becoming one of the possible playing options from the team, and depending on your needs, he could be a good streaming option.

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