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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Ryan Fitzpatrick- Miami Dolphins QB

Much like Ra’s al Ghul, my waiver wire pick for this week seems to have found the fountain of youth and he’s tapped into it a few times this year. Time and time again, he drinks from an eternal elixir given to him by an Alaskan shaman. Of course, I'm speaking about Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick or “Fitzmagic” as many refer to him, is the ageless wonder, and he is going into a week where he plays the Jets who are one of the worst teams in just…ever. I mean, the Packers and Lions had better performances in week five than the Jets did, and they didn’t even play.

Fitzpatrick is coming off a game where he threw for 350 yards and threw three touchdowns. Both are season highs, and he has thrown for over 300 yards in more games than he has not this season. He has had four weeks straight where he has scored 25 or more fantasy points and is coming off his best game at just over 30 points. He did that going against a top ten defense in the San Francisco 49ers, so Fitzpatrick and the rest of the Dolphins should be able to fold the Jets into a nice origami mockingbird.

He is the perfect streaming option for this week, especially if you had someone like Dak Prescott, who’s season is unfortunately over or if your main quarterback is on a bye for this week. He is only owned in 20% of leagues, so he is very getable and can provide a good chunk of points for your team. If you have any doubts about him, let me put it this way. When you go to fantasy football school, there is a class called FF 101: Streaming Options and how to play them. The first lesson perfectly mimics this exact situation, so if there was any week to get Fitzpatrick, this is the one. I don’t know if I would play him every week, but this situation is the perfect storm with The Dolphins and Fitzpatrick being a giant rogue wave and the Jets being the crew of the Andrea Gail.

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