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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Cole Beasley- Buffalo Bills WR

We are one quarter through one of the most interesting and compelling seasons in the NFL in recent memory. Each year has its specific narrative and story that unfolds, and much like the rest of 2020, a major aspect of this year has been the idea of uncertainty. There has been uncertainty if the season would happen, if the season will even finish given how some games have already been rescheduled and especially when it comes to the health of so many players. It’s as if Thanos snapped his finger and half the NFL roster got injured as a result. It’s been ridiculous, but when there is an overwhelming shroud of uncertainty like the storm at the end of Terminator, one element really shines through… consistency.

Consistency is key to fighting the battle that is uncertainty. I know that sounds pretty obvious given they are pretty much opposites, but when it comes to fantasy points, it is one of the most crucial things to your team and any player you choose. That is why I am picking Cole Beasley as a waiver wire pickup for this week.

Cole “Beastley”, as I like to call him, has been about as consistent as pizza. Even if it doesn’t quite live up to the expectations you had for it, it was still pretty good. It is always there for you, and when it is really good, you have to tell everyone else about it. It can also be good in multiple way; there’s not one set way for it to be good, but it just is and that basically sums up the Bills wide receiver.

Beasley is the number two in an offense that has been airing the ball out like laundry on a hot Summer day. Josh Allen has been playing like he is looking for that MVP trophy and Beasley is one of the guys helping him get there. He gets a good amount of receptions per game and when he doesn’t get as many receptions, he makes up for it in either yardage or in touchdowns. He only has one touchdown this season, which is not great, but he fills in any weak areas to end up with a solid performance on the week. He finds ways to get the job done and done well. That is incredibly important, especially if you’re looking for guys to fill your flex spot since much of your roster might be window playing from the sideline. He is owned in about 28% of ESPN leagues, so I would pick him up while you still have the chance. He is a great flex option because of the consistency, and you can keep him there for a while to act as a flying buttress in support of your team while you wait for your injured stars to come back.

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