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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Jimmy Graham - Chicago Bears TE

With the arrival of week four brings new possibilities once again. However, things are starting to get a bit thin out in magical waiver wire land as its resources get used and used. Pretty soon the fantasy football Lorax will rise up and proclaim to all that waiver wire land has no more to give, but there are still some options available, for now. Break on through to the other side and let’s discuss who you can bring home with you form waiver wire land.

Nick Foles has made his somewhat inevitable start for Chicago on Sunday, and he charged in like a mother bear protecting her cubs, going off on the falcons for three touchdowns. This is good for the Bears offense and team who is now 3-0 due to his comeback victory. Despite this hype, my pick is not for Mr. Foles. In an M. Night Shyamalanian twist, I am saying go with the tight end Jimmy Graham because as we saw years earlier, Foles has the ability to jump start an offense and he certainly did that with Jimmy Graham.

Graham had 2 touchdowns and caught six of his nine targets for 60 yards for his best game of the season. He also now has 3 touchdowns in 3 games which is pretty good so far. Hopefully Foles is the proverbial fountain of youth for Graham and with Foles airing the ball out, it seems as if Graham will be able to drink for a while. The Bears are going against the great defense in the Colts, but Graham is easily the best tight end they have faced this season. Graham is also now in an incredibly competent offense which can do a lot of damage to the Colts if all things go well.

Jimmy Graham is also owned in only about 17% of leagues, so he is most likely out there to be picked up. With the uncertainty of so many players due to injuries and now that Covid has finally struck the NFL, Jimmy Graham has great upside potential to be a great flex option or even a WR 1 if things go south on your roster.

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