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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Baker Mayfield- Cleveland Browns QB

We have talked a lot about the hot hand as of late and there are a lot of teams and players who are experiencing that exact phenomenon at this very moment of the season. It is the perfect time for that to be happening since, if you were already not aware, it is the height of the fantasy football playoffs. However, I suppose if you weren’t aware of that you were either already eliminated or have such a good team that it doesn’t matter whether it’s playoffs or not.

Two of the groups that seem to be listening to that 2002 Nelly club banger, “Hot in Herre” in the locker room nonstop are the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants defense. Both are doing really well right now with Baker Mayfield having his best three game stretch of the season. Likewise, the Giants defense is doing their best impression of the human torch and heating up the Meadowlands along with their opponents the past few weeks.

That being said, the safe bet would probably be to stay away from Mayfield given his matchup with the Giants, and vis versa. However, it’s the mother fucking playoffs and if you need a quarterback to stream this week, Mayfield is your guy. At the very start of the year, I talked about Mayfield and the potential he had. He is showing that now, so I am doubling down on the Browns quarterback.

Unlike Jared Goff, Mayfield is available on the waiver wire at only 28.9% owned, so pick him up now. Even if you don’t like him against the Giants, which is fine, he has the Jets after that for the Pippen and Jordan of likable playoff matchups. If he keeps up what he has been doing for the past few weeks, he could have a tremendous week 16. Speaking specifically about what he has been doing the past few weeks, he has 9 total touchdowns and threw only his first interception since week 7. He also has 935 yards over the past three weeks for an average of 312 yards per game.

He is lighting it up and although the Giants are a tough defense, I think he can have a pretty good game against them. He is worth the pickup and should be on the border of QB1 and QB2 for the next two weeks.

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