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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Logan Thomas- Washington Football Team TE

Being that it is the start of the holliest and jolliest month of the year, even though it doesn’t quite feel the exact same in 2020 as previous years, it’s time to look ahead a few weeks. Christmas is only a few weeks away as well as the fantasy playoffs. At this point in the season, the waiver wire is about as thin and porous as a celebrity’s public apology, so it is pretty difficult to find a viable pickup for this upcoming week. Because of this, I am suggesting a player to pick up as a bench stash; much like the calculated multidimensional play of a chess master such as Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit, this add will pay off a few moves down the road (the fantasy playoffs to be specific.)

My waiver wire add for this week is Logan Thomas. Like I said before, he should be picked up and used as a bench stash for now because his next two matchups against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers are not ideal, but his playoff opponents are superb with the Seattle Seahawks followed by the Carolina Panthers. The Seahawks are one of the worst defenses out there, and they just gave up two touchdowns to Philadelphia Eagles' tight ends. The Panthers are a middling defense that have allowed some tight ends to have their best game of the season in terms of yards; see Kyle Rudolph and Travis Kelce. Thomas can easily be one of those guys, especially since he is hitting it off with Alex Smith.

This past week against the Dallas Cowboys, he caught all of his passes including a touchdown. He can score a decent amount of yards for a tight end as well, and with the offense getting more in sync each week, he has the potential to have a solid game for the position. In the playoffs, that is essential because one less thing to worry about at that point is an incredible advantage for your team. If your team has suffered from inconsistent play at the tight end position which seems to be a common occurrence this season, he is a decent option come playoffs.

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