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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Start Him

This pick is about as obvious as the crew of the Orca needing a bigger boat, but Jonnu Smith needs to be started based on what has done for the past two weeks. I’m writing this though because many may be still unfamiliar with this tight end given he is only owned in around half of all ESPN leagues. Smith has performed incredibly well this season and has led to the Titans being an incredibly efficient and pass heavy offense. If a tight end can have an impact like that on a team, they are a pretty special player, especially if they contribute to Ryan Tannehill being one of the top quarterbacks in the league so far. Clearly Smith is a great tight end, but I feel he is much more than just a good tight end. I think he is one of the best and solid receiving options in the league.

He is the number two tight end in the league right now depending on your league settings, and I expect him to put up numbers that keep him there throughout the season. Whether you have him in your lineup or not, you need to start this man. Through two games he has 120 yards with a majority of those coming this past week. He has had four receptions in both games which is not the best, but he gets touchdowns. He has 3 touchdowns which is tied for second in the league, so even if he doesn’t get a ton of receptions, he gets in the endzone. His schedule is also pretty friendly with the toughest matchups being against the Steelers, Ravens and maybe the Colts because they have given up the fewest points so far this season. Otherwise, the opposing defenses shouldn’t be too much trouble because they either aren’t good defenses, or they allow a lot of points. Both are good options for Smith.

I project Smith to be a top two tight end as the season moves forward and a top 15 wide receiver option who could easily be a low-end WR 1 and or WR 2 if allowed in that position. To say I am high on this guy is like the opposite of a Cristopher Nolan; it just makes sense. Unless something drastic happens like the world ending(which may actually happen), start him every single week.

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