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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Start Him

Jamison Crowder is back finally and he had another 100 yard game, making him 2 for 2 this year in 100 yard games. He is by far the favorite target for Sam Darnold, and to be honest, the only person on this Jets Team worth having on your roster until Le’Veon Bell is back in the mix. In 2 games this year, Crowder had 21 points and then 13.9 points for the Jets. He is the only beacon of hope for a very dull Jets team, who is trying their best to lose every game. The Jets are bad and will continue to be trailing games, leading to more passes to Crowder. Can you call it garbage time points if the whole game is garbage time? Injuries and Covid have decimated some fantasy teams, and if you have been left in the path of destruction, Jamison Crowder is a diamond in the dump pile that is the Jets. He needs to be in your starting lineup because he is a solid WR2, and you can expect to see solid fantasy production week in week out, even if that means a touchdown late in games that was over for the Jets by halftime.

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