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Ian's Week 14 Value Fanduel Picks

Let me go over some important information so you are fully aware of what this article’s purpose is. We use Fanduel for our daily fantasy plays, Draft Kings will be close to this information but could be different. Fanduel gives every person a budget of $60,000 for 9 total roster spots, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, and 1 D/ST. This leads you to an average of $6,667 per roster spot. In this article, I will be giving you 1 player from each position that I believe is the best value of the week. I will do my best to keep it under $6700, except QB. The main purpose is to not pick every single guy from this list for your team; I don't think that would be an optimal team. These players will save you money so you can go get the high priced players you really want somewhere else.


Most Expensive: Patrick Mahomes $8,800

My Pick: Daniel Jones $6,900

Normally I pick the players who have the best matchups or at least a good situation but this week Jones plays the Eagles which allow the least amount of fantasy points to opposing QBs this season so far. The key point comes in the Eagles schedule. The Eagles have the least amount of rushes attempted by opposing QBs this season with 2.83 and their schedule explains why; they have only faced 1 QB this year who can be viewed as a running option on their team, Kyler Murray. Jones is having the best year of his career, and it largely comes on his feet. This is the most rush yards he has had in a season with 522, and it's only been 12 games so far. The Eagles defense can be exploited and allow Jones to run for some extra yards especially when they reach the redzone.


Most Expensive: Derrick Henry $9,000

My Pick: Travis Homer $5,800

Homer is the best option in Seattle this week as he is the only one participating fully in practice with Walker and Deejay Dallas non participants. The Panthers are the 25th worst run defense in the league, and the Seahawks are definitely a team that uses the run to establish the pass. Walker will most likely be out this week, and Deejay Dallas is not looking like a great start. I would be relying on Homer this week, and he's a great steal if he can be the workhorse.


Most Expensive: Tyreek Hill $9,500

My Pick: Dj Chark $5,700

Dj Shark do do do do do… Lions go against the Vikings this week at home, and it's set up to be a shootout. Ryan went over why you should start Chark this week, so i’ll be brief. Goff is the QB version of Amari Cooper; if he gets to stay home he looks really good. Jared Goff is a pro bowl QB if all of his games are in Detroit. I anticipate a strong day and a lot of scoring involved between these two teams because they both are bottom in the league in passing defense, expect a good day for Lions receivers.


Most Expensive: Travis Kelce $8,000

My Pick: Hunter Henry $5,200

Other Options: Gerald Everett $5,800, T.J. Hockenson $6,500

Arizona allows the most points to the TE position this year, and the Patriots WR core is extremely weak as a whole, so much so that Rhamondre Stevenson the running back is tied for the most targets on the team. This year especially the TE position has been an absolute shit show and everyone not named Kelce has been reliant on either randomly getting 10 targets or somehow falling into the endzone. This is the best chance Henry has this year to do either. If you're not going to spend money on Kelce, you might as well save as much as possible and spend it elsewhere.


Most Expensive:Dallas Cowboys $5,200

My Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers $3,900

Brock Purdy did fine last week when he was thrust into the limelight, but that was because the Dolphins were unprepared for what he could do. Now the Bucs, a much better defense btw, have a whole week of practice to prepare and game plan. The Bucs are 5th in points allowed this season, and while the 49ers are probably the most talented offense in the league, not having a premier QB really limits what they can do as a whole. Bucs should be able to get some mistakes from Mr. Irrelevant.

This is my cheapest week so far.


Most Expensive picks: $40,500

$8,100 per player

$19,500 remaining for 4 players

My Picks: $27,500

$5,500 per player

$32,500 remaining for 4 players

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