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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Keelan Cole Sr.- Jacksonville Jaguars WR

Marquise Brown, Juju Smith-Schuster, Jarvis Landry, Michael Gallup. All of these players have a couple things in common; they were in all in the WR1/2 discussion this preseason, they are all owned in at least 80% of ESPN leagues and they are all averaging less points per game than Keelan Cole this season. Cole saw his most productive game this week by snagging 6 of his 9 targets and gathering 143 yards with unfortunately no score. Even with this being his best week, Cole hasn’t seen less than 5 targets in a game and he averages almost 7 (6.6 exactly). The volume is there for him and Minshew is good at spreading the ball around to his targets. This Jaguars team as a whole reminds me of the Blake Bortles days, where they struggle offensively in the first half and then rack up most of their fantasy totals in the second half trying to work themselves back into the game. Dj Chark is the number one in this offense and his production shows, but Cole and Shenault are fighting to be the number 2 on this team. Cole is edging him out so far this season. If you have suffered from the slough of injuries like many of us have so far this season, Cole is a solid option having been overlooked so far this season for people with bigger names. I’d pick him up now as someone who you know will get you some points while we navigate through injuries and bye’s in the middle of the season.

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