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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Chase Claypool- Pittsburgh Steelers WR

With Diontae Johnson possibly sidelined again, Chase Claypool looks to have solidified his role as the number 2 option for Big Ben. Claypool has big play ability and the 4 touchdowns he got this Sunday should be an obvious sign. He is only 8.8% owned and has 2 games above 14 points this season. For a WR3 4 games into the season, he's too good not to be owned. Claypool does live and die by the big play, but if Big Ben is going to spread the ball around as much as he is, Claypool is a definite streamer for the remainder of the season. In the 2 games he has played significant minutes, he has scored 5 times and dominated against susceptible defenses. With the amount of injuries and general uncertainty of this NFL season, Claypool will be an important addition to plug and play at the last second in case of emergency. Down the line when playoffs start to come around do you want that person who has been scoring 8 points a game all season, or are you going to take a shot on someone who could score points a big play and drop 15-20 for you when it matters most?

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