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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Brandon Aiyuk - San Fransisco 49ers WR

The case for Brandon Aiyuk is fairly simple this week. The 49ers are probably the most injured team in the NFL, with a significant amount of their star power sidelined to start this season. With new information coming out this morning about the Titans having 3 players test positive for Covid-19, it is looking more likely lineups might need to fill some holes for this next week; that is where Aiyuk comes into play.

Aiyuk immediately became a factor in the 49ers blowout of the Giants this week logging 3 runs for 31 yards and a TD. He paired that with 5 receptions and 70 yards through the air. However, his viability for the rest of the season doesn’t leave me optimistic once the names we know return from injury. Kittle is due back in around 2 weeks, and it's possible Deebo Samuel plays this weekend against the Eagles. The same Eagles team that has been struggling so much or they could be just playing not to win by not letting their big leg kicker at least attempt the long field goal, but I digress. I believe the stars are aligning for Aiyuk, but they won’t be stay that way. I say look to add Aiyuk just in case they cancel the Titans vs Steelers game and subsequently also the Vikings vs Texans this week. If the NFL does in fact cancel those games you are looking at a lot of fantasy options forced to the bench and will for sure need to fill a starting lineup.

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