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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Jalen Hurts- QB Philadelphia Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys are absolute trash on defense. Their recent weeks have made them look better from a fantasy standpoint because they have gotten a couple of defensive touchdowns, but at their current pace, they will be tied for 7th highest points allowed per game all time. Can you tell me how many games the Cowboys have allowed less than 20 points this season? 1. Just a single game 2 weeks ago against one of the worst offenses I have ever seen in the Cincinnati Bengals. Every other game this year their opponent has scored at least 20, and in only 6 games this season has a team scored less than 30. Even turnover machine Nick Mullens somehow led his team to 33 points. Jalen Hurts, last week, showed that he has the capability to have a big throwing game, but in both starting weeks for this man his true power comes from running the ball. The Cowboys have faced 2 run heavy quarterbacks this season. If you include Daniel Jones in this, then it's 3, but I don’t consider him a running QB. In those 2 games they allowed 74 yards and 1 TD from Kyler Murray, and then 94 yards and 1 TD from Lamar Jackson. Those are the only 2 rushing TD’s the Cowboys have allowed from QB’s this season. Jalen Hurts in these past 2 games ran the ball 18 times and then 11 times for a total of 169 (nice) yards between the 2 games. While ESPN ranks the Cowboys 21st against opposing QB’s, their numbers are skewed towards a different play style of QB. They surprisingly don’t allow a lot of yards through the air, but they are extremely vulnerable on the ground. Against a QB who is running the ball at a running back rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if if they get burned big time. He is owned in just under 47% of leagues so if you can get him, make sure you do.

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