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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Tim Patrick- Denver Broncos WR

In the past 2 weeks, Patrick has 3 touchdowns, and for this whole season, he has been the most consistent receiver in Denver. The offense overall has struggled this season, but the one bright spot has to be Patrick who is good for 4-5 catches a week. As of late, he is also good for a touchdown or possibly 2. Patrick is leading the team in yards and is only 1 reception behind Noah Fant, who has the most on the team. Where Patrick separates himself from the pack is touchdowns; he has 6 for the Broncos this year and KJ Hamler is second on the team with 3. He caught 2 of those this past week. Patrick is the touchdown guy for this team, and Drew Lock looks to him whenever they need a touchdown, even if those opportunities have been scarce this year due to the lack of offensive power.

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