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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Keke Coutee- WR Houston Texans

I really like this guy; it's a little bit of his story, with him being buried in the depth chart for the past 3 years, but mostly it is because whenever his name is mentioned, I think of that one Drake song. This love however can sour very quickly if and when the song finally becomes stuck in my head on a consistent basis. Keke this past week had a very solid performance against a very stout Colts defense. Cooks did help by getting a possible concussion and missing some time, but Coutee himself look like a certified star out there. This waiver wire add will be one with a bit of a disclaimer; the Texans go against the Bears and the Colts again before playing the Bengals in week 16. Coutee already proved himself worthy against the Colts but the Bears are a different beast who have been vulnerable the past 6 weeks. However, they are still one of the premier defenses in the NFL. Coutee is a good pickup only being owned in 23.3% of leagues and will be a wise stream in fantasy championships.

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