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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Salvon Ahmed- Miami Dolphins RB

With Myles Gaskin still being on the IR and Matt Breida struggling with a hamstring injury, Salvon Ahmed saw 21 attempts. Taking out the 6 scrambles by Tua Tagovailoa, Ahmed saw 80% of the rushing attempts. On those attempts he logged 85 yards and a touchdown leading to 15 points in standard scoring. Jordan Howard was a healthy scratch for some reason again and no one else in the backfield really stepped up. With Tua being so raw and unproven so far this season, the Dolphins have been sticking to the run more heavily and Ahmed showed in his first real opportunity of the season he could be the back while Gaskin is out. Even with Breida possibly coming back Ahmed has a good chance to be the only option in this backfield. The Dolphins take on Denver next week which is the 23rd ranked rushing defense according to yards, allowing on average 128 rush yards per game. Similar to Kalen Ballage, I say that Ahmed is a viable candidate until the starter comes back from IR. Breida is the only competition in that backfield currently and his season has not been great so far. It is a risky waiver addition, but I believe Ahmed is a player with strong upside and could go on to surprise leagues.

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