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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Jared Goff- Los Angeles Rams QB

Here are the QB’s who are on bye this week: Matt Ryan, Patrick Mahomes, whomever is starting for Dallas, and by far the biggest loss this week, the Elite Joe Flacco. If you have one of these as your weekly starter with no good option on your bench then look no further than Jared Goff. He is currently only 40.9% owned in ESPN leagues which means he is most likely available for a quick plug and play option. Goff has been a solid QB2 all season and has by far the best matchup of the available QB’s on waivers. What once was the legion of boom has now turned into the legion of doom for the Seahawks. The Seattle defense currently ranks last in the league for passing yards allowed, with opposing QB’s averaging 362 yards per game against them. Jared Goff has the capability to throw that amount of yards in this game, but more importantly with the talent of the Rams offense, he has the ability to throw multiple touchdowns. The Seahawks lowest points allowed this season was 23 and that came from the Ryan Fitzpatrick lead Miami offense. This game is expected to be a shoot out, and Jared Goff should be able to put up a season high in this game.

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