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Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Sit Him

This is an interesting week in the NFL season in that it is the tipping point for both the transition into the really cold weather games as well as the final push before the fantasy playoffs. Because of that, it is becoming more and more important who you put in your starting lineup and even more than that, are the players who you don’t start. It is always a tough decision that can make you feel like Yoda who seemingly had to meditate on every decision and for days it seemed. Unlike Yoda and the Jedi Council, I hope to serve as an outside advisor in those decision-making moments in the hopes that something similar to Palpatine easily getting the win doesn’t happen in your league.

This week, I’m saying to sit a player on your team. This wasn’t an easy decision, and I am not the most excited about my pick. However, I think it is a move that can be quite beneficial if it pays off. It is a gamble and hopefully it ends up like Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover and not like Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems.

My sit ‘em player this week is DJ Chark Jr. of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is a really good example of a boom or bust player in that he has a very high ceiling but at the same time, has a very low floor. He only has three weeks in which he has caught a touchdown, and in two of those, he has more than 20 fantasy points. He has been plagued by rough quarterback play, and if he was on any other team, I think he would be a lot more consistent. Since that is not the case, the majority of his weeks have been pretty disappointing. He gets a good amount of targets each week, but his yards and touchdowns are lacking in comparison. If he doesn’t get a touchdown, he doesn’t get the yards needed to supplement it.

His matchup is relatively favorable going against the Cleveland Browns, but the Browns defense has been tightening up against the receivers in the past few weeks. They have been benefitted by the weather but have only allowed one touchdown to receivers in the past three weeks. In two of those games, they have allowed less than 70 total yards to receivers with one of them being less than 35 yards. If you have him in your lineup, try and replace him with one of your bench spots or a streaming option off the waiver wire. Good luck, be safe this week and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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